ruby tuesday

pseudo whimical wild child riot grrl
2005-03-13 20:23:19 (UTC)

brady bunch

i woke up this morning and the first song that popped into
my head was that song "time to change" by the brady
buch...isn't that dorky? i was like humming it all
morning..i am in the process of downloading it now..i think
i should just have it incase i actually want to listen to
it..i was think about that movie or two The brady bunch
movie and a very brady sequel...those were such hilarious
movies...they were so goofy lol...that makes me
the part where they're all at sears any like singing and
riding on the escalaror...god that was funny...i can't
imagine a home like that, where they all got along and they
never hated their parents...i guess i've just grown
accoustomed to know people who hate their parents and
hating my own...i really wish tho that i had like a
labotomy and would just live a happy and simple
forrest gump or the brady bunch...they must've all had
labotomies lol..i think i would just be happier without all
the thought i have about things because it drives me crazy
that i have to like challenge everything and am always
searching for something i don't even know really
frustrates me..i just wish that like birds and grass and
the sky and the color pink would be enough to make me
happy...not all the other things that i need to do to make
me happy...i just wish i were'nt so superficial...that i
were just a simple person...does that make any sense? i
think education sometimes makes me more miserble than
anything because some of the things i learn seem to clutter
up my brain and make me think so much that simple things
just aren't enjoyable anymore..i don't know..i guess i just
want the ideal ficitonal happiness that you see from the
past...everthing always looks better to my from the
past...really any decade..maybe for the exception of the
30s cuz of the great depression, but any other decade i
would love to live in instead of where i am right now...i
am always looking either in the furute or in the past and
wish i were someplace else, anywhere else...i don't think i
ever enjoy the present...i spen all my enery wishing i were
in another anything....that really doesn't give me very
much hope that i will ever really be happy...that sucks

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