ruby tuesday

pseudo whimical wild child riot grrl
2005-03-13 20:11:45 (UTC)


the only good thing about sunday is that the l word comes
on tonight...i probably will get struck my lightnting for
naying that..i'm sure god is pissed at me for a.) not even
wanting to go to church b.) for not like being holy or
something during today c.) saying the only good thing about
today is that i can watch my lesbian tv
well, thats how i feel...i'm not real extatic that school's
tomorrow, so this is the only good thing that's happening
today...i don't lik church and i'm not scared or feel bad
about it...i'm just not the churhy person...sheping three
hours in a stuffy place with people who think they're
something better than everyone else because they think
they're right with some kind of god, then on top of that, i
hate to listen to some guy preach to me about what a bad
person i was just for being know what/ i never
sinned when i was a baby, so i don't need god or jesus or
any other dude to cleanse me because i haven't really every
done anything wrong...maybe little stuff, but i will just
work that out by myself...if i unfortunatly get dragge to
church, i'm usually pissed for having to have religion
forced on me...i am spitirtual, but not like with a
denomonation or anything...why do they need me to pick
right now? i'm not going to pretend to be in soe religion
when i would never stand up for it or defend it if it need
me to...i just don't have that connecton or even like for
any religion. i don't know why people just can't believe
what they want. usually when i go to church i bring
articles to red, or the little handouts they give
know/ i just spend the entire time making like little
origami things. i never listen because if i did, i would be
bored to death...i am just saysing, there's nothing wrong
with being's cool if you are, but just leave
me the hell alone about it..i will eventually get around to
it, but just don't think that it is your duty to save my
soul...i'll save it myself...

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