I'm nevering saying goodbye
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2005-03-13 18:56:18 (UTC)

My weekend

Hey hey whats up? not alot here, just chillen on this
boring Well on friday I went home with my
friend samantha. we hung out with her boyfriend jonny and
his friend Paul. We had a fun time. later on that night
when we got back to her house. I was like paul you didn;t
show me your butt like you were suppose to, then he did.
He has a nice ass. I went home on saturday. I asked paul
to take me home and he did. I wish he would forget that
girl and break up with her. they barely she each other
from what sam told me. but oh well. Then I went to sleep
when I got home. So my weekend was fun at the beinging
then later on it got boring as
well got to go bye


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