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2005-03-13 17:13:56 (UTC)

Like Violence You Kill Me

"If Death is your father, you don't ever have to worry
about What part of the body his disease will strike next.
If Death is your lover, you don't have to worry if he will
ever leave you."-ECHO, Francesca Lia Block

Some people think of pain as a form of realease, a slight
stab at death. Is violence ever justified? I've had friends
that were cutters and friends that have been abused or
raped. Sompe people say that violence is justified if you
have a good enough reason. Some say that violence is like a
disease, carried from one person to the other, one
generation to the next. You have to have experienced pain
to know what it feels like and to write about it. One of my
friends is a great poet, because she's been through the
pain of abuse and heartbreak. Is violence ever justified?
If we are standing up for ourselves is it okay to fight
back? Or should we just give in without trying because it
is the right thing to do? If we are abused by our elders,
is it okay to fight back, is it okay to say no? Or by
giving in do we save ourselves from even more pain? If a
kid is abused as a child and continues abusing as he gets
older, are those acts of violence ever justified? Like i
said, violence is like a disease. Some are born with it,
some develope it over time, some repress it, some carry it
but show no outward signs of it. But just because you carry
the disease, is that an excuse for what you make of it? IS
violence ever justified?

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