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2005-03-13 16:59:27 (UTC)

Day Number Sixteen

Last night I didn't do anything too interesting. I went to
Andy's and hung out there with Sean, Mikey, Tom, and
Andy...then when Mikey left he brought me home. Next
weekend there is def. supposed to be a party. So we'll see
I guess. Tonight I was supposed to go to Natalie's and
drink because her mom is gone for the week. I wonder if I
will be doing that?? oh well. So when I went home last
night I talked to Tim on the computer for a little bit and
then he called me. We had a good conversation. He forgot
his cowboy boots and he wants me to send them to him. haha.
After I got off the phone I read my book, and went to bed.
I got up at 11:30 because if I slept any longer I was
afraid I wouldn't wake up in time. At 1:30 I have Rachel's
birthday party. I have to remind myself to grab Tim's
boots. It's going to be weird going there without Tim. Well
it won't be weird...just different maybe? I dunno. I'm
supposed to go to a purse party later at my manager's
house. I want to go just to see her house. haha. I can't
wait until I start my other job. serving food to old
people.It should be interesting. so anyways... I suppose I
should go get ready...

I miss Tim so much. I can't stop thinking about him and
it's driving me crazy....ahhh