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2005-03-13 14:08:01 (UTC)


My parents left yesterday at abpit 6, as soon as they did
that, I went in the bathroom and toked up. Then I waited
till about 5 to have a few bowls with sean at pine tree
pond. The fucker ran over the ice with the bowl, and stole
sooo many hits. Hoho picked us up and dropped us off by my
house, this was about 8 or 9, we finished the bowl and went
to my house, he was just gonna get a coke....I walked in, my
brother had a fucking keg in the kitchen, I was like hell
yeah...I handed sean a cup cake and coke and sent him on his

So today, chris is on the couch passed out or something and
Jesse is at work...So I toked up in the bathroom and here I
am...I still got about 40 bucks worth left : ) that means im
gonna be toking tommorow....

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