beaytiful allure
2005-03-13 10:19:25 (UTC)

crazy weekend

I picked Kyle and Jordan up and me them john justin and
patric all went to the lake(i am so sun burnt!)It was okay
at like3 am i went to the tent with Kyle omg good sex he
came like 3 times .he asked me out and i dno if he
rembers,probley not so im not gnna say anything about
it,well i think he remebers but...anyways i dnt want that
i only want his dick.i love sex theres no gettin around
itanyways he lives 1 hour and 10 minutes away exactley
ill see if he gets ahold of(yawn)me tomarro im tiredsd i
feel asleep at 5 pm and got up at 350 to write here,Joe
called he must really like me he keeps callin even tho i
never answer,hes really cute but really coky and gets his
hair and nails done more then i do ...i think im gonna hit
him up next weeekeend!
i keep thinking of that good ass sex we went 4 or 5 hours
and i told him id thought about fucking him ,like alot and
that id wanted to pull him away to go fuck when he walked
wit me to go to the rr the next day then we attemted to go
screw on my car the next day ,i was afraid somebody was
watching...oh going back to bed laters

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