Autum's Leaves
2005-03-13 06:04:27 (UTC)


While I was crying my eyes out for the millionth time
today, I was caught thinking about my ex, and how badly I
hated that I thought about him. But, then again, it really
wasn't him, I was just thinking about cuddling, loving,
having someone to hold me. My friend looked over and
said, "No matter how calm and collected and independent
women make themselves out to be, there's always a part of
us that want to be with someone." So was she right? Do we
all revert back to cooking pies on demand and taking care
of children to the end of our days? In this day and age,
is the stereotype of women true?

Women are multi-faceted people. We have the duties of
everyone and everything. Women have to do a woman's duties
as well as a man's and to get anywhere, we have to do it
better. To do that, each independent, head-strong woman
has to make a side that dosen't need a man. A side that,
when hard times come, that side can do the duties of a
typical man. But, being the women we are, another side
forms. We fall in love, in lust and everything in between.
A dainty, delicate feminine side forms that craves to be
rescued, to be cuddled, to be loved. This creates a
problem. Managing the two sides is tricky and only the
most controlled can do it. Everyonce in awhile, we all
have to cry, we all have to have a hug, and everyonce in
awhile, we really feel in control, we crave to be

Did one side give rise to the other? Were they both
there before? I know, I love heels, and I know I'd love to
be the CEO of a huge corporation and have hundreds of
people working under me. And maybe my friend is right, in
all of us, there is a true feminine woman, a "natural"
woman, just waiting until a guy comes along and releases
it. Maybe that's what that chick was singing about the
whole time. Maybe all of us need someone to make us feel
natural, whole. But, on the same token, sometimes I just
like listening to Meredith Brooke's "I'm a Bitch."