*.:.* bRoKeN tEaRs *.:.*

ThE lifE aNd bUlL sHiT oF lAuReN
2005-03-13 02:43:12 (UTC)

Sorry Everyone

Hey guys im sooo sorry i havent been writing just been
caught up in life!! but everythings going really really
great now! no problems or anything im really happy for
once! im sooo excited im going to las vegas in 6 dayz!!!
with me and my friend we are going to have soo much fun im
really really excited! but ya im bored im just babysitting
and im tired! my best friend that i had has turned itno a
total slut and no one likes her anymore. im sick of it but
i just laugh at her! it hillarious how she still think
people like and no one does shes been a HUGE bitrch/slut
lately its un believable! but ya ive got nothing elsde to
say soo....
*pEaCe oUt!*

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