Hate This & I'll Love You
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2005-03-13 00:37:22 (UTC)

Float like a Canonball

i need a mac.

so i will need a job.

where do i get this job?

need money in general.

today was fun. went swimming round manchester with the
fishes and the ipods. but before hand we had been with
sharks in liverpool.

and i have a new game. The Bluetooth Game.

ok here it is. its nothin new. lots of ppl do it.
you get yourself in a crowded place but where the people
are not moving (eg. a train) then you go on your
phone/PDA/laptop and search for people with their
bluetooth on. then when you find people (normally with
stupid names for their phones like "top dog") the create a
new contact with the name od the contact being your
message that you want to send. (eg. Name:hello i can see
you Number:123) then use the "send contact via bluetooth"
function on your phone. and send to to the person. then
the best bit. look round at people just after you send it
and see if anyone looks at their phone with a puzzled look
on their face. bear in mind the name of the phone could be
quite misleading. (eg. "top dog" aint a guy) oops.

Razorlight tomora (or later today if u want to get

Love n Peace bla bla bla


ps: leave feeback on playing the bluetooth game. trust me
its addictive. but not as much as morphene.