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2005-03-12 22:57:33 (UTC)

Two-way Monologue

Her: So, where do you work?

Me: I'm a writer, so I basically work from home. I still
have my part time jobs though. You still work in Wilton?

Her: Oh wow, what do you write? Yes I still work in Wilton.

Me: Well, some journalism, mostly music, but fiction,
poetry and maybe screenplays. I'm writing a short story
book right now. I'm going to grad school in Sept. How do
you like your job?

Her: I love my job. I'm in marketing.

Me: I remember you saying that. That's awesome. Good for you.

Her: Yea, I worked my ass off for that spot. How many
gilfriends do you have?

Me: I bet, you've been there for a while. Hmm, why?

Her: Just wondering how your life is going.

Me: I've been single for almost a year now. How about you?

Her: I've been with Joe for about a year now.

Me: Uhh oh, and you kissed me at the bar! Your in trouble!

Her: That was a friendly kiss, not a french one.

Me: If you say so. Your secrets safe with me!

Her: Well, you deserve to be happy and I hope you are.
Your doing what you like and enjoy.

Me: One day I'm sure I will be.

Her: Well, have fun tonight. I'm low in battery, so I have
to turn it off. Ciao Fernando.

Me: I think I'm just gonna stay in and watch basketball.
Goodbye Davi.

If I died tomorrow, she would be the only one I could truely
say I loved. Thats the sad part.

I miss her more than life.