Michelle P

Feelings with Poems
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2005-03-12 21:28:36 (UTC)


At a circus you see many things
things that are big
things that are small
You see clowns and you see animals
You laugh at the things you enjoy most
Like seeing tigers jump over flaming rings
Or a clown being shout out of a cannon
You enjoy every moment that your their
You drink and eat your favorite things
You buy things to remember this special day
But the sad part about the circus is leaving
You want to stay and watch more
But the show has ended and they bow and say their goodbyes
So now its time to go.
Maybe next time you can be part of the show.
So dont say goodbye to all the clowns, animals and all of
your friends
For the next time you go to the circus you'll be seeing
them again.

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