Inside Look Of a 14 Year Olds Life
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2005-03-12 20:38:48 (UTC)


Hey My names Amie Im 14 and I live in Kentucky. If your
wondering why The Title Says Eddie its because He is my
boyfriend..The Love Of My Life...Ya know what? Mom thinks
that Its only puppy love. I mean she dont understand what
I feel for him and how he feels for me. We are almost
inseperable at school and Then I wont even get started
about what happens when were in the same class. LOL. But I
dont see how most adults consisder teenage relationships
Puppy love. Its not just puppy love..Half of teenagers who
fall in love with someone else their age end up getting
married. If not then they find each other Later on when
their older and pick up where they left off. Im not saying
that all teenage relationships are the real thing, But
some of them can be. I think parents need to learn to
respect that and get it into their head that their child
is growing up and will have relationships that will began
with a kiss and end with a flame. But at our age we will
find out what we want in the other person, and then if we
find someone we love at our age and that we want to stay
together than there is nothing you can do. You cant stop
love no matter how hard you try. You cant put time on it,
you cant put a thing on it. Its something that happens
when it happens. Parents have to give up their children
when They are growing up. Teenagers cant hide under their
moms or dads arms anymore..They find someone to love. Like
me and Eddie. We have just began our relationship over
after what happened before. Me and Eddie didnt know we
were in love with each other until we had to sit right
there beside the other and it hurt us so badly that we
couldnt have one another at all. Me and Eddie then knew
that we were in love. We started going out but after three
days had to break up because of mom. Me and Eddie didnt
talk to each other for more than a week. It killed us both
and he went emo from being so sad. And I just was dark and
I wasnt as happy as I used to be. Then he got another
girlfriend...I decided it was time to go on and forget
about it and him. But I couldnt, I was always thinking
about him and wanting him back. Then she broke up with
him. We still dont know why. And he started talking to
carol and We found out he still Loved me. It was not a
question if I still loved him. I had told him before we
broke up that I would always love him somewhere in my
heart. Then we finally dared to go back out on a thursday
night. And we have confessed to mom that we are going out.
We decided that mom aint gonna ruin what we feel for one
another. Now its been A Week and two days, and we both
have not a single plan of breaking up with the other.