2005-03-12 20:25:27 (UTC)


hmm today is saturday- ive not hd the best day, i went into
town with my friends and it was fine until they decided to
go to mcdonalds for lunch; but i dont eat mcdonalds cuz der
unhealthy and im vegetarian and i think its an evil place
but they didnt even seem to care about what i thought and
they still went there for lunch which i found very
offensive i would have thought that they would have been a
bit more understanding but they are always leaving me out
and i hate it they probrably hate me or something but o
well. Im makeing a herb patch in my garden; my dad likes to
have control over the garden but ive decided that im having
my own little patch; my dad gave me the crappy area with no
light which is kind of anoying but i bought some herb
plants to day and ive planted them; i really like cooking
at the moment as well; i have a few new hobbies including
running, cooking and gardening; my mum says its because i
loike to have control which is a bit true i spose but i
like cooking its fun apart from the washing up thats just
damn annoying. god there is apsolutly nothing on tv maybe
ill play on the sims hehe god how sad am i; alone at home
on a saturday night; i have a very sad life , o wel theres
still hope i spose im only 15 i have a while before i die,
maybe ill make some nicer friends before im 20 i hope so.
Iv also decided that maybe writing this diary will help me
with my english; that is my worst subject at school and i
quite like writing this diary its fun, makes me feel like i
have someone to talk to; even if they are all strangers id
rather tell my problems to a book or a diary and strangers
than my friend cus nowing them they would go and blab to
people about everything and a diary doesnt get bored with
what your writing; i could just talk and talk for absolutly
ages and no one would care im going to play the sims how
fun not well it is actually just a bit sad
love leanne

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