My Life as a Bipolar
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2005-03-12 20:15:54 (UTC)

What a Beautiful Saturday!

Today is just beautiful, it is at least 75 degrees, a good
wind is blowing, and my trailer is hot as hell. I washed
two loads of laundry and hung them out to dry. The first
day it has been warm enough to do so in months.

I am taking Percocet I got from Bebe. WEll, it has
stopped the cramping from the biopsy, and I am high as a
kite. Can't complain. Still bleeding though, which
concerns me a little.

Tera brought me back a bunch of stuff from the flea market
this morning. I couldn't believe Dad felt like going, but
they went to all 3 markets. she bought me an ugly outfit,
which of course I will wear and smile. She is such a good

Had the nicest nap this morning while they were gone.
Still not dreaming any though. I think this is why I am
so sleepy all the time. No dreams means no REM sleep, and
I think I am not resting like I should.

I think the Paxil may be helping, or maybe it is just the
Percocet. Hell, I don't know.

The house is still a wreck. Monday I go to B'ham to get
medical records to start the whole disability broohaha.
This week I will also start to get letters done. This is
gonna be a bitch.

I have my phone off, and obviously am not going out with
Mike Perry tonight. I just do not want to hurt Craig, not
gonna do it. I am a coward for leaving the phone off, but
that is me. I suck.

STill, this is a beautiful day, and i really can't
complain. But I bet I will when the Percocet is gone. I
am trying to devise a plan to sneak into Bebe's house and
steal the rest of it. I am so wrong.