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The One You Can Only Dream Of Having
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2005-03-12 17:32:40 (UTC)

u want to learn about me?

If u dun really care, dont bother reading this, but if u
want to, then read on ahead. I am glad to tell you all you
want to know...

Name - Megan Judge
Alias - Shadow Riley
Nicknames - Megz, shadz, meggles, meegs, dont really have
any pet names...
Hair Colour - Natural brunette, though now black with ruby
red streaks
Hair Length - Short, just above the end of my neck
Hair Type - Straight
Eye Colour - Grey blue (sometimes mistaken for green)
Skin - Pale (white)
Race - Australian (Human)
Height - Short (around 5' or 5'1)
Body Structure - slightly tubby, but as long as i wear the
right clothes i'm fine
Place of Birth:: Hospital
Height: 54kg
Birthday: December 30, 1988 (30/12/88)
Occupation: Year 11 Student, Coles Checkout Chick
Favourite food: Wicked Fizz lollies
Favourite Drink: Hot Chocky! And TEA TEA TEA TEA!!
Favourite Band: Linkin Park and Godsmack
Favourite Movie: Queen of the Damned, Secret Window, and
Chronicles of Riddick
Favourite Show: Stargate SG-1
Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal/Alternative
Favourite artist: Don’t really have one, but I like Ashanti
(I usually go for bands)
Favourite song: In the End, Linkin Park (all time fav)
Three words bout u: Crazy, short and stubborn
Favourite channel on TV: Normal - 10, Fox - Animal planet
(15) and Mtv (45)
Three best friends: Meeka, I don’t rank the others
Mum’s name: Sue
Dad’s name: Jeff
How many siblings?: 1 bro (matt)
Interests: Writing, anime, heavy metal, males
Favourite poet or writer: Don’t have one, but if I had to
choose Anne Rice really knows how to write
Favourite game: Probably Age of Empires 2, or Mythology
Favourite cartoon character: Marvin the Martin's Dog....
Personal Quote: "Everything Happens for a Reason"
Piercing? 3 on ears
Tattoos? Not yet
Bondage? Kinda, I rather chain up the guy so you can do
whatever u want without him stopping you or wanting
something else….
Rap? Some is ok
Rock? The good shit!
Techno/Trance? Some is ok, some is boring
Sex? Depends on who with… I can be very choosy
Drugs? Not my cup of tea
Smoke? No
Drink? Only with meeka for now, so that she can look out
for me

Three things you are known for:
1) Crazy
2) Short
3) Strange

Three things most people don't know about you:
1) I am not obsessive, I just find comfort and get in one
mind set where I don’t know what normal and is not
2) Deep down I understand how Akasha’s plan could work…
3) I really care about everyone I meet… That I would rather
die in anyone’s place, then see them die

What you like about men: muscles, hairy legs (shows
strength, and masculinity), and an adorable side
Eye Colour: Don’t mind (but green is good)
Race: No preference
Light/dark hair: Dark
Long/short hair: Agreed meeka, in the middle is good which
is why we both like degothicangel, very adorable. But
shoulder length hair is good too.
Boxers/Briefs: Both
Tan/pale: Both
Preppy: No, but funny is good
Gothic: Would just be a bonus, but if he gets really
depressed all the time, that’s not good
Nerdy: Needs to be smart to keep up with me, so maybe
Sporty: Not a necessity

Are you in love right now: No, intrigued though…
Britney or Christina? Christina (sexy female)
50 cent or Eminem? Eminem, cause he cares about things he
says… and entertains for a reason, not just for money or to
be noticed.
Religious/Not: Love to research, but none are my own
What do you dislike most in life? People hating others
What makes you sad? Boredom depresses me
What makes you happy? Don’t know yet…
Who inspires you? Everyone and everything!!
What you dislike most about yourself? The way I always get
too far into something and make it about me when it isn’t…
Ever cry over a girl? Yea
Ever cry over a boy? Yea
Ever hurt yourself? Tried, and failed
Ever been teased by the opposite sex? Yeap
Ever make out with someone of the same sex: Yeap
Ever shoplifted? Yeap
Ever been arrested? No
Ever been ashamed of anything you've done? Yeap

Body Ills Skills
Do you bite your nails?: Sometimes
Can you roll your tongue?: Yea
Do you have any habits?: ... yes...
Have you coloured your hair?: yes
Do you have any tattoos? Where?: not yet
Which Shoe Goes on First?: left I think... :S
How many cereals are in your cabinet?: weatbix :) but
depends on what my bro is eating this week
Do you Cook?: sometimes

How often do you brush your teeth?: when I can be
bothered... usually once a day if I’m good
How often do you shower or bathe?: once a day
Do you swear?: yes
Do you mumble to yourself?: yes
Do You sleep Walk?: no
Name one thing your obsessed with: nothing but everything
Window seat or aisle?: window seat
Do You Sleep With A Stuffed Animal?: no
Do you fall asleep with the TV or Radio on?: sometimes a
heavy metal cd helps me sleep
When Was The Last Time You...
Watched Bambi?: a few years ago
Talked on The Phone?: a couple of hours ago
Read A book?: yesterday

Personal Sextion
Bra Size:: 12B (for now)
Underwear Preference:: Lol, red or black doesn’t matter
what type
Sex Questions
Are you a virgin?:: No
Number of Sex Partners:: 1
Age when virginity was lost:: 14
Number of guys you’ve blown:: 1
Favorite Position:: Doggy, lol sounds bad to say that
Spit or Swallow:: Swallow
How often you masturbate:: Don’t, not as much satisfaction,
more frustration
Do you shave bare down low?:: Yea
Are you loud?:: Depends on how horny I am
Ever Take Nude Pics for someone?:: Nope, why not thou ;) lol
Ever had fun on a webcam?:: I haven’t, lol
Ever switched nudes with a complete stranger?: Not my cup
of tea
List any chat screennames you have:: Don’t like to enter
random chats, don’t know them, and they don’t know me, I
got bored with that scenario

On A Guy Would You Rather?
Name?: Doesn’t really matter
Age?: 16-18
Height?: Around 6'
Weight?: Don’t mind... roughly 70/80 or summat, depending
on his height

Clothing -
On a Would You Rather Polo Shirt or T-shirt?: T-shirt
Thong Sandals or Tennis Shoes?: Tennis shoes
Collar Up, Down, or No Collar?: Collar up
Blue Jeans Low or At Their Waste?: Blue jeans low
Pants or Shorts?: Pants
Boxers or Briefs?: Either
Belt or No Belt?: Belt

Appearance -
Piercing or No Piercing?: piercing
Goatee or No Goatee?: Depends if it looks good on him or not
Facial Hair or No Facial Hair?: Probably facial hair
Bald or Hair?: Hair
Long Hair or Short Hair?: Depends, but probably long
Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes, or Green Eyes?: Green is good
Tall or Short?: Tall
Dark or Light Hair?: Dark
Red Hair?: Na, but there is nothing bad bout it
Freckles or No Freckles?: Doesn’t matter, prob none
Shaved Arms or No?: No
Shaved Legs?: No
Big Feet or Small?: You know what they say about big feet
Big Hands or Small?: You know what they say about big hands
Personality. Yes or No.
Sweet?: yea
Caring?: yea
In Himself?: ... depends... but no...
Giving?: giving yes, but able to not be weak as well
Selfish?: no, slightly is ok
Hyper?: yes and no
Calm?: when needed
Shy?: no
Quiet?: a little
Outgoing?: when needed
Ignorant?: no
Mature?: yea
Immature?: yea
Loud?: doesn’t have to be
Cautious?: not overly
Spur Of The Moment Guy?: yes

The Animal in You
What type of animal do you feel you resemble?: Resemble, no
If you were an animal, would you be a carnivore or a veggie
muncher?: Carnivore!
If you could be any type of animal in this world, what
would it be?: Wolf
Would you breed outside of your species?: Out of my species
no, out of my breed yes

Your Pets
How many pets do you have?: 1
What kind are they?: doggie
If you could have any pet in the world, what would it be?:
werewolf :)
What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to your pets?:
dont really have one

Animal Crackers
Do you eat meat?: Yeap
Do you prefer white or dark meat?: Dark, but white is very
good too
Which farmyard animal best suits your taste?: CHICKEN! then

Animal Attraction
What animal does your spouse resemble?: Not married, but if
i was, i would probably marry a man who resembled a
panther, wolf or other wild untamable creature, lol
Are they wild or tame for the most part?: wild, have to be
wild to keep up with me

Well dats all the survey’s I’ve completed and more at

Thanks for reading my friends… love you all…


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