me and my life
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2005-03-12 17:17:54 (UTC)


Shawn called this morning and i was sleeping and when i
woke up my grandparents were like your boyfriend called
this morning. i was so excited. i still have to call him
back though. Lydia wants to talk to him though. you see me
and lydia are very pretective of eachother. Its kinda
funny. but its true. i told Morrel he wanst aloud to ask
lydia out if he liked her because i didnt trust him. So i
do aprove of Joey and Vinny (the two people she likes) but
i would never trust Morrel. i think i'm more pretective of
her than she is of me. she knows i can handle myself but
she cant do the same for herself. She is my personal body
guard but when it comes to guys she cant say no like i
can. so she approves of shawn at this point in time but
she still needs to atleast talk to him before we can do
anything. We already kissed but thats just between you and
me and Brianna and Shawn and Ricardo and his G/F and Adam.
but other than that no one else knows. :) well i g2g.
Much love
Baby G

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