2005-03-12 16:40:41 (UTC)


Ok it is the middle of March and we got another 3 inches
of snow last night. Enough already. And I am located in
the very southern tip of Wisconsin. It's not suppose to
snow this fucking much.

Ok I am done venting about the stupid ass weather. I was
online playing dominoes and just happened to play back to
back games with 2 guys..both from Texas(where they
reported it was a sunny 84 degrees, fuckers) and they both
were carpenters. What are the chances with a zillon
people online that I get 2 people with that much in
common? It was weird. I spent most the night on the
computer which is highly unusual for me. But I have
gotten so sick of T.V. I need to find a good book to read
but the problem is if it is good I will finish it in a few
days. And if I go to Barnes and Noble I will be lost for
days! I love that place.

Me and Molly are suppose to go bowling tonight. I am
insisting since I have to sub on her bowling league on
Tuesday that I get to practice. I bowl like 2 times a
year and even though they say my score won't count I
refuse to fucking embarrass myself too much.

Molly is trying to get me to go to the mall with her but
noooooooo I hate shopping. I am so not a "girly" girl. I
mean I get in my moods if I am going out but it is not
something I practice on a regular basis. I think being
raised on a farm in Missouri might have something to do
with that.

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