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Journal of Joels slave
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2005-03-12 23:55:48 (UTC)

sub diary 11-03-05

good evening my Master,
our chat on friday night was wonderful Sir. we discussed a
few things that needed to be talked about. at times i was
lost as to where You were coming from Sir. i know You are
still finding it difficult when You read my dialogues with
the Other Sir. i have not waived in my love for You Sir but
Wwe had agreed that Oour relationship would never be any
more than online Sir and i have a desire to eventually take
this back to Real Time Sir. i am contented at the moment
Sir and You are keeping my beast happy. i was a little
disappointed that You were not well so was unable to work
out Sir but You did give me a precious gift anyway Sir. i
like watching You Sir. even when You do nothing Sir i like
watching You. You get me into such a state of arousal Sir
and i love it when You make me wait for Your permission to
cum Sir. Sir i loved the idea of lying with You and
cuddling into You Sir. Oour time together is so great Sir.
i like the images i get Sir. i take them to bed with me Sir
and turn them into wet dreams Sir. oh Sir i wish they were
real at times Sir.