My New Journey
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2005-03-12 13:46:58 (UTC)

Off to a Shaky Start this Moring

Woke up this morning obsessing about freshguy, I have been
unable to get in touch with him, he won't answer my calls.
At this point all I want to do is give him my heart felt
apology,ask him for one last bit of financial help and tell
him it is over finally.

Got a hold of freshguy about an hour later and made a last
ditch effort to apologize. He said he didn't trust me
right now and let me know that the help that he had given
me was because he cared for me as a person and nothing more.
I told him how wrong I was to go there and that I need help
from him only one more time and then I wouldn't ever ask
him again because i am tried of paining for and longing for
someone who is out to meet and be with other women.

I am happy to report that my menu planning is working, I am
staying close to the suggested menu and is even drinking
much less at night.

Eatting Menu

Meal One

2 slices Fritata

Meal Two

1 Turkey and cheese rollup

Meal Three

5 Fried breaded shrimp
1/2 cup Cole Slaw

Meal Four

Chicken,feta cheese and herb sausages with peppers and
1/2 cup Rice.


1 scoop Ice cream

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