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2005-03-12 07:51:36 (UTC)

Yesterday-Inter School ; Today-Musical Play-Annie

Yesterday, inter school final! Maryknoll is not good!

1st: GHS
2nd: DGS
3rd: HYS
4th: an international school

MSC: don't know no. what ar~ but i can only said oil ar MCS

1st: DBS
2nd: LSC - oil ar LSC
3rd: 張振興
4th: 旅港開平

boys run really fast ar~ .

yesterday, i met some people that long time no see la~ such
as Pearl Wong GHS & Kwok Chun Wai i don't know is it
spell like this ga~ from LSC~ .keke* exiting~


Today Musical play pratise again~ and then i think that i
need to arrive school at 9am, cos. every sat. need to
arrive at 9am ga ma~ but last night my mum said is 10am,
and i check it~ oh! ya! can sleep later la! keke*

And then I arrive school on time, today, forget things la~
forget to bring school bedge, but no one know, except you,
who is reading my dairy~ and then i am lucky la~ and i
know William or Karen will arrive late, so i study la~ a
lot of dict. and quiz la~ and then at 10:42, Karen arrived,
and i think, why you need to arrive, time flys a lot la~
and then go to the 3rd floor and Karen taught us to dance.
And when she is teaching the primary...i have practise ga~
but Karen said three by three come out and dance...until my
turn, i am afriad and i can't dance correctly, so need to
dance again! at that time, i am really hate myself, why do
I need to afraid? afraid of what? and i say sh*t to myself!
and fortunately the second time is good la! but still have
a lot can improve......And then we can leave at 12 o'clock
sharply, happy*

And then eat ... saw cherry lok, stephine yuen, tiffany
chan and ...forget tim! 4 of them la! but i think they can
see me, after i left, i go to Kowloon Bay by MTR, have
activity ar! and then i saw stephine and tiffany...and then
they are really happy* and ... dunno how to discribe~nvm~

And then finish that activity, back home my minibus, at
that minibus, i saw a teenager, that is a boy or man? about
16 years old la! i remember that he is live in marina cove
too! and then the minibus only have that seat next to him i have to seat with him...i can feel that my face
ar red lor! and then when i almost arrive marina cove, i
want to tell the driver la! and then by the time, he says
also...we says together, so i stop, and he stop too! and
then the driver said rudely "where ar? you two couple don't
play in the minibus la~" and then he says la! and I
think, "you guy, do your driver la! he is not my boyfriend
and i am not his girlfriend lor!" and i walk very fast, and
he cannot walk behind me! OH! VERY AFRAID LOR!

by the way, keke* do you know? my japanese name is
山田 Yamada (mountain field) 幸子 Sachiko (child of fortune),
actually, i don't think that i am a fortune child...

Anyway, now i gonna to do hw and study la! dict. and quizs
and tests are coming to visit me la! i need to serve them
good and get good marks...write tomolo la~