2005-03-12 06:53:34 (UTC)

LAst frinday night in New York

Today I got my visa for Japan after a farly stressful
morning;first I woke up at 10 (which was two hours later
than I intended) then I was almost late to a casting and
not going to be able to get my visa application until
later in the afternoon and then when I was suppost to go
in the afternoon my metro card didn't work and I couldn't
get another becase poor-model-laura was skinned for cash.
After the "long trek of shame back to the agency" I
grabbed some money to strengthen my debt and sped up to
get my visa. Luckily, it will be done on the same day as
my flight.

I find it a bit surreal that I am ACTUALLY GOING to
Japan. Everyone has been telling me about how different
the culture is there and after hearing it so many times I
have learned just to say "yeah, yeah," agree, and not
really think about it, but I think it is really starting
to hit me now. Two months in Japan, not only that, but
working on top of it, just seems mental.

Tonight I had a lot of fun at a photographic exibition for
artists involved in a really cool up-and-coming magazines
called Vice and issue. What a small world considering
that I actually know so many people that have bought vice
magazine. I would definitelt say it is for the "open"
reader. Jonathan ended up talking to one of the
photographers for a really long time and with his
genuinely natural good-person charm, might actually assist
one of the photographers. He is such an amazing raw
person and I have never met someone so true to themselves
as him.