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2005-03-12 05:58:13 (UTC)

Oh My God

So my sister didn't come bowling with us tonight. Turns
out that one of her friends came over to help out with the
renovations the designers were doing and so she wanted t
take him out for dinner to say thank you. I was somewhat
bummed about it bt that was okay. Me and Jess went alone
and had a blast. She wanted to go because a guy she liked
worked there and when I saw this guy, in my head said "oh
my God!!!!" He was so good looking, OI couldn't believe
it. So anyways, bowling was a lot of fun and even
thoughthis guy was working, he spent a lot of time talkig
to us. I turns ut that while I was bowling, he asked Jess
if I was single. I thought she would be upset by this but
she wasnt. I told her that I wouldnt go for him if that
was what she nught be afraid of because its not cool to do
that to your best friend. She assured me that she was okay
with it but I still kept my distace from the guy because
the last thing that I wanted to do was have a guy come
between me and my best friend. Towards the end of the
night she was conversing between he and I trying to set
something up so that he and I could hang out together.
felt a little weird about this and awekward because I
didnt want do have that happen but she still pursued it.
It turned out that Jess and her fornwser friend had an
outing and her former friend was in love with this guy.
Her frienjd had a boyfriend and could never pursue him in
that way but none the less she really cared about him.
Jess wanted to go to see him andstart things up to get
back at her ontop of the fact that she liked him and ended
up telling me that if i went out with him that that would
be getting back at her as well because she would know that
this guy was now involved with someone she had introduced
to him and thus hurt her like she hurt Jess/ This seemed
a little vindictive but deserved none the less after
everything this girl put Jess through. I know it sounds
very mean, but this girl was supposed to be Jess' best
friend and she treated her very badly. Jess is very hurt
by what this girl did to her and the fact that she
obviously didn't value Jess' friendship enough to be a
good friend. Anyway, we're going to that concert tomorrow
and Jess is trying to get the guy to change his plans for
tomorrow night so that he can come. He supposed to be
going out to the government tomorrow with a friend. He
seemed like a very nice guy, from what I hear, who has
been burned in the same way that I have when it comes to
relationships. Apparently his last relationship ended
badly and resulted in a lot of pain, much like me. We'll
see what happens. Anyway, I had a really good night and
Jess and I had a good time. It's been a long time since
i've been bowling.

I have to be at work for 8am tomorrow and im a little
worried i might not make it in time. This is the first
night i have spent in my sisters condo by myself and I
just hope her alarm clock goes off as it should tomorrow
morning. It;s late and i also hope that I don't sleep
through the alarm that in that past in known to happen but
I usually have my mom around to wake me up, which in this
case I do not hagve. she and my dad have been sent away
on a little mini vacation with our family dog at the
expense of the designers and the show we're filming for.
I hope they're having a good time.

As I had imagined, when i went to the house to see how the
renovations had gone and to pick up some things i had
forgotten, i was overwhelmed by the fact that everyone, my
sisters and crew were having s much fun with this hole
production and i felt so left out that i wasn't a part in
it. Going out tonight did help me feel better though
which is good. I just wish i had an even minor role in
this whole thing, but it's okay that i don't. The main
thing is that my parents are having thier living room
renovated for free and this is something they totally
deserve after raisning three amazing girls. Its about
time they had something good happen to them. Our family,
lik so many others, have had a lot of obsticles and
barriers to cross and my parents deserve so much, much of
which we cannot give them, and this is an amazing
opportunity to have. I really hope their enjoying their
mini vacation.

I'm off to bed because i'm extremely tired and have to be
up very shortly!