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2005-03-12 04:35:43 (UTC)

The First Entry

Shit, I need to piss, hold on............

Much better. Now all I need is a smoke, and I'm well on my
way to a first entry.


Name's Splat. I live in a house, and I'm human. Sorted.

Right, enough of that.

I've been meaning to start one of these things for a while
now, and since the last few hours of my life have been
spent in silence, getting a headache from the frustration
of not being able to put my thoughts to paper, I refuse to
use my delete key, if only for tonight.

I've got an absolute load of bullshit on my mind at the
moment, so if I ramble, it's your own fault for being a
nosey fuck and looking at this entry, okay?

At a bit of a loss now.

I'm sat here thinking to myself how I can word this, make
it make sense, try and captivate a small audience, one
person would suffice, but it's been a long time since I've
had to communicate with someone I don't know.

Fuck it. I'm communicating with me.

Straight into it I suppose.

I've been trying to find something I'm good at, something
to work towards, a lifetime achievement. Ya know, the sort
of thing that everyone's supposedly aiming for. I picked
up a few books on writing a month or two ago, and only
just today found the time to actually read them, and what
a load of codswallop.

"Don't be afraid to tell yourself that you're allowed to
write, don't ask why, or if you can, just do it." or some
bullshit similar.

If it was so fucking simple, I'd be writing novels,
selling millions by now.

I know what I want to say, I've always got something to
say, I just can't figure out how to say it.

I'm going to listen to some APC, and come back to this
once I'm a little more relaxed.


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