cuncerns of my heart
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2005-03-12 04:27:31 (UTC)

punk rock princess

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yeah sry bout that but i didnt no wut ta rite an nuthin
bugs me more then sittin in front of a computer an not
knowin wat ta rite ya no? well taday was cool cuz kt an i
were hangin out an then she was like ya no we have a lot
in common......both of r bes friends mite move.....an i
became soo depresssed at that point it wasnt even funni. i
wish she wasnt movin......but n e way i was liek yea well
i no for sure that asia's movin an aarika mite not. an
then i jus started cryin. wut the hell am i gunna do
without that gurl? ok im gunna start cryin now....so gtg


p.s-------i got a livejournal i'll keep updatin in this
but if ya wanna check it out i think it looks pretty
sweet. jus search tearsxforxwater

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