2005-03-12 03:25:14 (UTC)

Another cold day in hell

My god I don't think it will every quit snowing here in
Wisconsin...It has been cold here since October. And my
boyfriend wants to move further north is he crazy? I am
not used to winters this long

Well it's looking as though I might get into nursing
clinicals in August. I petitioned and have to wait until
next month to hear if I am in or not. If they accept me I
only have 2 semesters and then I will officially be a RN
instead of a LPN. Which will open a lot more doors and a
lot more money.

Talked to Molls today and she is bummed out. Wishing her
life was more exciting and that there was a man in it.
She knows this great guy in Boston that she really likes
and has known for 3 years. But the catch is she has never
met him in person. We went online and found airline tics
for less than 200 bucks. So I hope she just takes a
chance and goes.

Bought a plane ticket to visit my family in Missouri in
May. It's been 7 years since I have seen my one sister.
God time just goes by and before you know don't
know one another anymore.

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