Hollow Years
2005-03-12 02:53:57 (UTC)

sorry im sorry i wasnt always..


im sorry i wasnt always there
im sorry i let our love come to a tear
one thing i cant do
is turn back the time
if i could i know you`d be mine
i wish it wuz like old days
i wish i could feel the same
but thingz have changed
my body,my hair
its a different frame
i can always say il love you
of course i want you
i do
but i cant say i need you
cos that it something
were i dont know what to do
il always be here tho
to see you smile
although it aint true
im sorry for all the pain ive caused
i dont wanna put you through it again
i geuss im sick of hurtin you
cos when im with you
i do
ive heard you cry for the last time
my heart will still ache
but dont you pull away from the future
cos maybe its not to late
i think now
n i will always love you
n i geuss il be here forever n today
aslong as you say
this time
our love can be here to say
if you believe everyword of this poem
it really is true
i cant denaye the thingz i feel
i feel it for you
i wish i could tell you
face to face
but im not the kinda guy
who would be here to say
we couldnt last forever
just forget it all today
im sick of these feelings
i really dont know what to do
im lost
im lost without you
be here with me now
cos whilst writing this poem
ive realised i want you
i need you
i really do
so please say seven simple words
n we`l change the life
the life we almost knew

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