Just let it out.
2005-03-12 02:37:52 (UTC)

Head over heals in love!

Today is Friday and like everyday i woke up around 7:30
and layed on the couch and watched Buffy the Vampire
Slayer. Then at 8:00 i got up and picked out my clothes.
I chose to wear a dark green skirt a pure black skirt and
black flip flops. After i chose my out-fit i went brushed
me teeth, brushed my hair put it up half and half. Then i
put on my make up and put on my clothes. I packd everythin
up in my back-pack and left. Well ya then at school i hung
out with Madison, Andrew, katelynn, Brittany Atkinson,
Brittany Ford, Shae, and Samantha. Then the bell rang and
i headed for class. {Okay i know all this has sounded all
thought out and lil miss perfect but shyts about to go
down!} Well i got into first period and i put my things
down and then i was talkin to Jessica and then i saw a ton
of people goin to put there homework on the homework tray.
I forgot to do the homework! My grade just went down great
now my grades gonna be even worse in the class! Then i
decided to work with Casen and Jessica because i dont like
my partner because hes a jerk! So ya i worked with them
and my teacher comes up to me and says Alison why are you
working with them you did not confront me about this! You
are supposed to confront me about these things after today
you are not allowed to work with either Jessica or Casen
you must work with your original partner Nick. Then when
the teacher was explaining what we had done and shyt Casen
got out her compact and the teacher grabed it from her and
said to her that she had told her not to do make up in her
class and as the teacher walked to put it into her desk
Casen whispered to me that her ear was bleeding and thats
why she had to use it! Then i whispered to her Omg your
ear is bleeding and i turned her head and when i was about
to make sure it was okay the teacher yells at me THIS IS
ear was bleeding and shes like oh well she should confront
that with me!! BLAH BLAH BLAH my math teacher is such a
bitch. Well then i went to 2nd period and it was ok we got
to talk a lil but we had to write these little editorials
and i wrote mine over not havin to wear school uniforms. I
had to wear uniforms throughout elementy school FUCK NO i
am never wearin that shyt again well ya anyways in third
period and we had modules to do so i got with my partner
and we got to our modules then i saw Simon {I like Simon
hes really funny and hes like at my pace when it comes to
doin stuff if you kno what i mean but i doubt he likes me
but w.e} and then i walked over to Monica and i asked her
if she could stay the night and then Simon comes up from
behind me and grabs my ass i was like wooh buddy and ya
she told me that she would ask her mom if she could then i
went back to my module talked to Angela {I didnt really
like her but now that im getting to know her shes not so
bad}. Then in 4th period we read out of the history book
and then someone told me to go outside and i thought it
was like Brittany or someone like that but it was Naquan
and hes like tryin to get me to make out with him and shyt
and i was like no thats ok. { Okay i dont think of myself
as racist i just cant do anythin with a black guy and in
case you didnt get- Naquan is a black guy} Well ya then in
5th period {Skip lunch nothing happened} we sat there and
Mr.Heavey talked about Anne Frank *YAWN* then in 6th
period i sat there and i got real dizzy so i called my mom
at the end of class because i was in no shape to walk all
the way home {bout two miles but still gets tiring} so
then i told Madison {who i walk home with also my next
door neighbor} that if she wanted a ride i had one! Then
we saw my mom in the car lane. Got in the car went home
and i have just been watchin television and talkin
online. Well i got bored and called Michael {the one in
Alabama} and this is where the title of this entry comes
in. OK he has a girlfirend and i got real jealous but wat
am i to do i live down here he lives there and plus there
real happy together and i wouldnt dare ruin that for
Michael no matter how much i love him. But i do and thats
the hard part i love Michael to death hes the only person
i can trust with my life. He likes me to but i doubt he
likes me the way i like him he likes me in a way that hed
go out with me if he was down here but idk if Loves me but
am i to think that he would of course not hes a guy i cant
count on that! But hes one of those guys who likes you
for your personality and how many times do guys like that
come around - Never!! I JUST WISH HE STILL LIVED HERE!
Well yes that is all i can say for today i will write what
happens tomorrow if anythin does happpen. Well i am tired
x0x AlLy