Mind of Mayhem
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2005-03-11 22:25:22 (UTC)

Evil in a Friend

I have this friend who used to live by me. We met last
march i think and we clicked straight away. She was like a
sister i never had and our relationship was one i'd
probably never see again. When her and her family
used to live here, we were always together. Having tea
mornings when the men were at work, and in the evenings,
we'd meet up for board games and drink. Her husband left
his job though and they moved away. My life fell apart
but we were determined to not lose contact. We phoned,
wrote and emailed all the time, but as time progressed,
she was changing. Not towards me but her attitude to life
and her husband. He's turnned into a control freak. He's
turned into Charlie off of Coronation Street. He's
threatend her and has even physically hurt her. I
personally don't see why she's staying with him but she's
says she loves him. When i'm saying just walk away i'm
thinking is it really that easy? She has a baby and if she
left, he would almost 100% go after her. That would scare
me because i know he'd hurt her. Her husband has messed up
her relationship with her family so she can't go there no
matter how much she wants to. She knows she can come here
and i'll do anything to help her but how far can someone
go to hurt someone. I mean revenge. What would he do to
gain revenge. How evil can someone get? I'm scared for her
so imagine how she feels day in and day out.

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