me and my life
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2005-03-11 22:17:14 (UTC)

Problems and Love

I have a problem. i thought Morrel was going to hit me
yesterday after sixth hour. First he yelled at me in 5th
hour cause i asked him if he liked lydia.so then after 6th
hour i asked him about it and he had a total look of
hatered on his face and he looked like he was going to hit
me. so i quickly went home and threw up when i got there.
i was so scared that Kyle had to talk to him at lunch. Now
he's nice to me but i'm officially over him and i'm now
going out with a guy named Shawn. i already love him. We
were in lunch when he asked me and then when i said yes he
asked me if i felt uncomfortable haveing someone hold me
and i said no so we went over to the couples wall and he
was leaning aginst the wall and i was leaning on him. we
looked so cute.
Much love
Baby G