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2005-03-11 21:12:38 (UTC)

pinkie promise

I went thrifting today and it was amazing! i bought 3 shirts sweat pants
and 2 pairs of shorts....my mom bought three pairs of pants....all for
$21.25!!! woohoo i am amazing.

i also went bra shopping : D i have pretty colors now ; D

i have been working my ass of latly.....me n my dad bough n ew weights
n medicine balls so i am so prepared...i buffing up for spring polo!!

the synchro team left for zones yesterday : / and rachel called me....i
love all the synchrogators n coralinas!!! i love u rachel M.....ur still my

i pinki promised david M ( elenas lil bro ) that i wud see star wars
3....spiderman 3...and harry potter 4 with him......he sucs up to me soo
flippin much!

pease n grubs....--me n mah daddys new phrase...

Rachel Synchro Woods.....Rachel McWhorters twin.....

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