Gift of Life
2005-03-11 19:54:39 (UTC)

House hunting

I'm pretty excited about buying a new house...I just hope
we actually follow thru this time. We've said it so many
times before but this is actually this first time we've
gone out looking for houses.

My the end of this month we'll have saved $2050 for our
trip to Disney world. So says the hubby... I can't wait to
go. June is right around the corner, it sounds like we're
going to have plenty of spending money for the trip. The
only shitty part is that I have to get on a plane...that's
too damn scary. I've never been on a plane before and I'm
afraid of heights. What if it crashes? I always hear, well,
a plane is a lot safer than a many car crashes do
you hear about everyday and how many plane crashes? BUT
what are your chances of surviving a plane crash compared
to your chances of surviving an automobile accident? HUH?
HUH? Yeah, that's what I thought!

On a lighter note...FRIENDS: SEASON 9: DVD! GOTTA HAVE
IT!!!! I have seasons 1-8 and 9 just came out so guess
what...I must have it!

I watched the OC last night after hubby recorded
it for me. It was an OK episode. Not one of the bestest
ones but oh well. I was kinda scared that Kirsten was gonna
leave Sandy for that ugly magazine dude but Sandy is just
too her a ring from a gumball machine type deal
and swept her off her feet. HINT HINT GUYS! Don't need no
expensive diamonds to make a romantic gesture...Christ, any
gesture will do about now! Ah- my hubby knows how to be
sweet...he's just never in the mood to be. ~LATER~ Crys