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2005-03-11 19:30:58 (UTC)


god i cant believe that, i just wrote like a whole page
then i got distracted by stupid arse ash and clicked off
the window and lost it all; how annoying, anyway i cant
remember all the stuff i put now. O yeh i just got a bit
stressed because i had to wash everyone elses pots up even
though i do like everything else but ive decided that wen i
go for a run in the garden then lie on the bench for a few
mins then it calms me down alot, even though its spring it
is still freezing cold outside which i find extremly
irritating because we have already had enough of winter and
im fed upo of being cold all the time. non uniform day
today at school god i hate non-uniform days cuz i never
have anything to wear and everyone else allways has ultra
cool designer clothes and im there in my plain jeans god
its not fair, o well. I have been typing for ages how is it
that hardly any space is filled ok i have to go, well i
dont have to but i want to beacause corrie is on yay killer
katie, you people who are reading this are probrably like
american and wont have a clue what im talking about but
love leanne