Forest Dragon's Morrowind Diary
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2005-03-11 17:57:40 (UTC)

Forest Dragon's Morrowind Diary - Introduction

I am an addicted Morrowind player. I have been playing
the game for over two years. I have created a few
characters that have explored every faction and wilderness
area on the island. I never get tired of the game because
I always seem to find new ways to do a quest or have an
This year I decided that I would like to take one
character through all the factions, main quest and
cleaning up the wilderness until he could do no more.
Well, I figured it would take one year of regular playing
to do this. My goal is to add a few pages to this diary
every week, depending on my schedule and new games coming
out. I play on Xbox and do add some spoilers. In genral,
I like to play the game with out cheating. But I love
mega power potions, summoning creatures to fight with me,
and having a lot of money. And I know the trick of how to
arrange my house, save it and not get an overflow loot
I have read a lot of FAQs, Strategy Guides, visited
the forums, found other diaries to read and replayed the
game a number of times. I understand how confusing it can
be to a newbie or just getting lost in the wilderness when
sent out on a quest. I hope my adventures will help other
players enjoy the game more and want to explore the island
to find a lot of the hidden treasures in the game.
I will put player notes at the bottom of each day to
explain where I got the tip or spoiler that I used.
I can be reached by e-mail at
[email protected] if you have any ideas or
comments on my Morrowind Diary. Happy Adventuring.

Forest Dragon

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