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2005-03-11 17:48:08 (UTC)

Oblivious Insignia

My commitment to your dominion
Is binding me down
Like ropes around my wrists and ankles
Cutting deep into the vessels
So that blood will never flow again

I sit opposite of you
Across the long table
And watch you drum your bony fingers
Staring into the hate in your eyes

You think I'm crazy
But you can't read me
Like the depths of an intricate painting
I say so much when my mind screams something else
Finally I've found a way out and secretly
You're afraid

I cringe at what you've done to the others
Their eyes; the color turned red, twisted into the white
Alone, you devour their souls
and pierce their consciousness
So that their emotions trickle away slowly
Like water

Still you search for more
I hear your thoughts, I know your motives
You have yet to take me captive again
Sworn by sword and blood of my own
I will fight back
And by that spark of fear comes the thought
Maybe I'm a lion

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