2005-03-11 17:47:10 (UTC)

Week of March 6

Yes I am slacking a little bit on this...

Yesterday (Thursday) I went to the State Department.
Someone was commissioned by the President to serve in a
roll here at USDA. So I picked up the paper that says all
the details on it. Most of the time people frame these.

I worked on Presidential paperwork later in the day.

Thursday afternoon I went to the White House to pick up
pictures that the President has signed in order to give
them to the Nebraska State Troopers.

Listened to the K-State vs. A&M game last night and then
the K-State vs. Texas girlÂ’s game. Kind of a big night!
All of the ACC fans are crowding the city here since the
tournament is at the MCI Center. Had to give some Georgia
Tech fans directions yesterday.

Not many plans for this weekend. I will be going out to
College Park on Sunday to do some stuff at the University
of Maryland.