beaytiful allure
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2005-03-11 16:48:54 (UTC)

get er done

every where ive gone the past few days ive seen that 'get
er done' Kyle says it too.Im sapose to go see him today
but i still feel tired ...jus worn the fuck out.I need to
look for a job but im not gonna today,i plan to sleep and
then go to hutch tonight.It sounded good 4 days ago,i dnt
really want to anymore...either way ill have fun.I should
call Justin and see if him and his girl wanna go;)make
amends or let him know i still wanna be his friend...even
tho im hella jellouse,Johns sapose to go also,i want alot
of people to go,not jus me and Kyle.Oh well!well see
later.I need to see how moms doing first,g ma took her to
the hospitle aerlier,i guess shes been throwing up since
2am.My muscles are so tired,me and john went walking
around downtown last night till 1230 or so.I havent really
exersized in months and the merrior and muscles prove i plan to do at least 30 mins of exersize every matter what!my ass is slippin on my body.its not
about being thin to me jus being healthy,no one in my
fsamily is all that healthy after like 30 i dnt wanna take
an early start to that.Nicole called yesterday...jamie got
her car back so i doubt ill be hearing much from them
anymore.....shes such a fucking me and Kyle
was talkin last night,his babys mama is 30! AND married
(was married at da time!)im like OMG!hes 23.I dono what to
think about that ....Is it cause hes like weird in real
life and he has to resort to an old bitch or what?He told
me he wants to buy me flowers and lalalala im like no,u
dont know me yet.I think he wants a girl friend in me.And
im not that kind of girl(i like guys and get it on w/em
but im not into relationships)But i DO love to talk to gnna go take a nap...laters