2005-03-11 16:31:52 (UTC)

in jedem einzelnen augenblick


Die Bruderschaft des Schmerzes
By a route obscure and lonely, haunted by ill angels only,
where an Eidolon named "Night", on a black throne
reigns upright,
I have reached these lands but newly, from an
ultimate dim Thule.
from a wild weird clime that lieth, sublime,
out of space, out of time.
Bottomless wales and boundless floods, and chasms
and caves, and titan woods, with forms that no
man can discover for the tears that drip all over,
Mountains topling evermore into seas
without a shore
seas that restlessly aspire, surging into
skies of fire.
Lakes that endlessly outspread their lone waters,
lone and dead.
Their still waters, still and chilly with the snows
of the lolling lilly.

By the lakes that thus outspread their lone water,
lone and dead.
Their sad waters, sad and chilly with the snows of the
lolling lilly, by the mountains, near the river
murmuring slowly, murmuring ever -
by the grey woods, by the swamp where the toad
and the newt encamp,
by the dismal tarns and pools where dwell
the Ghouls, by each spot that most unholy,
in each nook most melancholy,
there the traveller meets, aghast, sheeted
memories of the past,
shrouded forms that start and sigh as they pass
the wanderer by, white-robed forms of friends
long given, in agony, to Earth and Heaven.
For the heart whose woes are legion this is peaceful,
soothing region, for the spirit that walks
in shadows this is, oh, this is Eldorado!
Bid the traveller, travelling through it, may not
dare not opening view it
never its mysteries are exposed to the weak
human eye unclosed,
so will its King who hath forbid the uplifting
of the frigid lid, and thus the sad soul
that here passes beholds it but through
darkened glasses.
By a route obscure and lonely, haunted by
ill angels only, where an Eidolon, named
"Night", on a black throne reigns
upright, I have wandered home but newly
from an ultimate dim Thule.

Soror Sui Excidium
"Step into my thought, blades sharp and long !"
While I dared to gaze inside myself
and caught a glimpse of what...
you perform your own destruction
and I feel the same delight
share the wish to die.
Spiritualized this "Death is a mental state".
still anguish is his name.
Fill me up with your chill,
alone in my emptiness,
gratefully I'll receive your pain.
Unworthy to some light
I long to embrace you fire.
I'll be the tomb where you spread your seed
and along with your blosson I shall expire...
Leave me alone,
can't you leave me alone, the unclean presence of flesh,
I just cannot bear !
A ballet, well balanced, between pain and foregiveness
it won't collide and if I'm crushed by
I don't care
I do not care,
I do no longer care...
No-one will ever recognize my fall
and if someone accidentially did,
he would not waste a thought,
No, would not spare a single thought.
I cannot think of a reason why I should remain,
only their "faces" might alter
but my desperation will stay the same...
(it even increases with time...)
The barriers of the gate have simply
desoved within my tears,
the Lord of the Dark Side though shapeless,
he waits for my...
"Behold, my beloved, I will always belong to thee".
I died for you, for you I'll die,
together in a realm of the infinite night,
I died for you, and for you I will die,
blessed be those that dwell in your light...
Hand in hand in hand in hand,
lifeless I can finally understand
Embraced to intimately,
beloved Sister of Selfdestruction.
You are inside of me...

Shadowsphere I
This is a sad day here in the world of shades
but even pain has its own beauty
even pain can perform a lovely face.
Blinding stream, double-edged,
in an extra-terrestrial gloom,
beautiful creation of steel
grown in my barren womb...
They way into the light will separate me from my flesh,
myriads in their birth-giving red
forcefully swimming through-out space.
This darkest space is wide
and the mountain is still so high,
fly up my black little eyes
and cross the frontiers that dare to define my life...
No space too vast and surely no place too far,
the groping sister feels that her eyes
must be somewhere alive.
So she is afraid of all the dwellers of the dark
in their blindness they will never understand
the tempting gift of sight.
This place is cold, blindly she can feel
the dead wind caressing from the rocks
from high above they come way down,
these angels kissing our undead bodies to stone...

Somnabulist's secret Bardo-Life
I have no body and I feel no pain
for I am no longer here again.
Now I can fly through-out the widest space
finally I'm set free from all my chains.
A farewell to heaven and a farewell to old hell,
from now on we shall never meet again.
Neither light nor darkness are here to know my way,
there'll be no more sadness and there'll no more pain.
I can fly, yes, I can fly and I'm no longer here,
may this old flesh stay down there forever,
I shall not waste a thought.
No, I do no longer care...

that*s all folks!