angels heart

Through my eyes..
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2005-03-11 11:50:40 (UTC)

wont it all just stop for once..

im back sorry it was so long so much going on with school
and work and well with dave remember him..the new man that
i was or am seeing. Hell i dont know anymore..there are
times i dont want to even talk to him..always jumping to
conclusions about things. I tell him im on the phone with
my daughter about something and will call him back..i just
get home finish my call and jump in the shower and since i
left my phone in the other room i deside to sign online
and just send him a message cause its so late i need to
get my paper done for class and he calls me up and gets
all upset cause i didnt call him back like i said i would
and that he could of taken a shower while like
damn..i cant believe he got all upset over that..and then
admits that hes a jerk for not being more patience. I know
hes went through a rough week with his daughters being in
a auto accident at differnt times but really. And then to
top other things my daughter spent the weekend over at my
moms house last weekend and my mom calls me to tell me if
i knew how to get in touch with her cause her phone never
works i just told her they have dial up so it keeps the
phone was regarding a braclet my nieces parents
got her for her bday..that she was missing it and that
becca was supposely last to see it..ok im like i dont even
want to believe my own daughter would take something from
a family the next day i get in touch with
becca and even my mom to hear from my own family that
knows the trama and trials that ive gone throught with my
ex and what not to be quick to jump on a 13yrs old words
and twist them around enough to think she knows where its
at..i know my daughter and in her voice and words after
three phone calls with her..i believe she might of seen it
but doesnt know where its at..according to her the house
has alot of people in it now due to my sisters family
waiting on their new house to be built so there is alot of
junk in the bathroom..and even my daughter said once that
she found things lying on the floor..and that she even
picked it up once and put it on the sink..which ive put
things there before they fell onto the floor or in the
garbage...i honestly find it shocking that my own mother
would pick apart my oldest whom has never shown one ounce
or hint of being a theif..that shed ever take
something..she is my creative one one that likes to make
things for others and is kind and considerate..never once
did i think shed take something let alone from a family that my mom has said its been let go and they
are going to buy her another one..still leaves me with a
bitter taste in my mouth..cause even though i wasnt there
to witness this..i honestly think she didnt take it..i
really dont and my moms answer to this is that shes lying
cause her story isnt consistent..i believe in the heat of
anger and being upset people are quick to jump to
conclusions without time to think about did my
daughter shes upset over this and may move things around
in her story cause shes being put on the stand..shes a
child for god this point in time im taking a
moment to not speak to my mother till i cool off about
this..cause after everything i still cant believe after a
friendly call about where its at turns in to a finger
pointing match..even my daughter said at first my mom
believed her then till the end she wasnt sure..i just dont
get it..the only good thing of the night was i did well on
my test i believe and now i have one more test on sat..i
just hope i do well on that too..see ya