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2005-03-11 08:05:25 (UTC)

Its Always Love to you!

Why is it everytime i ask you a question about a
significant other, it always comes down to love?! In a
way, it shows your age! There is no 'love' its all a load
of shit!!! Have you not picked this up yet?

Everytime anyone is in love they get hurt, which leads me
to believe there is no love, as love is good, and getting
hurt most certianly ISNT!!!

I know, iv been there, and im sure you'd all say the same,
but how would you know? Do you HONESTLY think she was the
one? The only person you could sit down and spend the rest
of your life with? You could simply cuddle without fear of
telling your 'mates' who would take the piss?

Dont even think this is to anyone specific, this is to
about 3 of you, who all maintain, lifes all about love?

So i ask you? Isnt determination a better quality,
ambition, happiness? Or do you still say love? Weirdos!