Behind Blue Eyes
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2005-03-11 07:40:18 (UTC)

its not always rainbows and butterflies...

well ive forgiven *nic* for not calling me last night, he
got called into work...i guess i can understand. :)
im excited because we get to spend saturday
together..hopefully nothing gets in the way of it.
Megan went back into the hospital today. i hope she gets
better soon.
i saw fred today.he was with dog face his friend. (ha
jess and i are so mean..) anyway he was with her and he
would barely say hi to me because dog face gets mad at him
for even saying hi. how insecure do you have to be to get
mad at your boyfriend for saying hi? when shes not there
he talks to me forever. i feel bad for the guy. i think
thats all he knows, but not all s are that high