This is My Life
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2005-03-11 02:59:49 (UTC)

10 March 2005

Well, today was a good day. If you already read my
Xanga site, then you probably know why my day was good, if
not, I'll tell you here. I stayed after and had a lot of
fun with Adrian, and I don't mean innocent fun. We're
probably gonna have more fun tomorrow, especially if we're
able to stay after all day.

There is a thing tomorrow night at school and if she
is allowed to go, we are going to stay after until it
starts. That's quite a few hours. And we will be alone
for most of the time. You know, this is something I
wouldn't tell Adrian but, I have never used protection in
my entire life, and trust me, I have had sex over, let's
say over 50 times since I can't remember exactly.

That's the truth too. I don't lie about, well,
anything really. Out of all those times, I've never used
protection. Adrian will be my first, that is, is she wants
me too. I wouldn't care either way, but if I could pick, I
wouldn't use one, I just don't really care for them. Oh,
and you're probably wondering and no, I surprisingly don't
have any children running around.

Well, anyway, aside from that, I have a lot of
homework to do, that's due tomorrow, yes, I know, I
procrastinate way too much. Well, I'm out. Peace.