Place my Pieces Together-Angie#6
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2005-03-11 02:31:46 (UTC)

Its been a while...

Hey everyone...I know its been a while since I wrote and I
am sorry. I've been so busy! Well this weekend I went on a
date with some guy but I'm not too sure if we hit it off or
not. Like his weird really, weird like I dunno. But its
sucks that like every guy I start to talk to I compare them
to Anthony but like I know I am over him but like whenever
I see him I do feel something there for him but I dunno.
His another weird one. He doesnt ever admit his feelings at
all. But oh well I dont want to dwelt on that.
Well on Tuesday I turned 18 it was my BIRTHDAY! That
day was a FCAT day and we went to the beach in the morning
and the weather was horrible! It was raining! But whatever,
then Lia and I got our tattoos.Whoa, it hurt! I got stars
on my foot its super cute! Oh my gosh, if you ever get a
tattoo on your foot be prepared for the pain! I cried well
not crying crying but like tears came out of my eyes like 2
or 3! LoL! But it will be my first and last tattoo! LoL!
But when I came home I went to dinner with my family and
Lia and then we went to Strike to bowl! I had fun! Well
ttyl! I dont have much to say...Bye!

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