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2005-03-10 21:49:19 (UTC)


"Love is a lot like a guitar.The music may stop now and
then but the strings remian forever." How can you really
tell when you're in love? Real love. Can you love more than
one person at a time without being a slut? You can love
people in so many different ways... As a girlfriend or
boyfriend, as a brother or sister, and maybe somewhere in
between... But how can you define one from the other? They
always somehow seem to blur together... How can you tell
you've really fallen for someone and how can you tell if
its that one kind of love that every one talks about? if a
lot of people say they love you can they really all love
you or are they lying? or do they just love you in
different ways? How do you know you've found that special
someone that you want to be with forever? And do you think
you have to be older and "wiser" to find them? Do you think
all teenage love is just puppy love?