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2005-03-10 21:01:57 (UTC)

patience is not my virtue today

So at 5:15 i am going out to eat...and i am bored. So until
then I dont know what to do with my time. I just had a
chewy bar, but other than that i have had nothing to eat
all day. School sucked today. Yes, sucked. physics was
alright though. so anyways... I had to stay after today for
physics...i had to make up a lab. it only ended up taking
15 minutes. go figure. So i went home for a little bit...
then i went tanning, picked up my mom, and went to the
bank. Here I am now.

I hope timothy calls me tonight, but I dont expect him to,
because he is watching a basketball game tonight, and he
has called me the past two nights. I want to take a
nap...i'm exhausted. maybe i will for an hour. i dunno.


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