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2005-03-10 16:03:19 (UTC)

Getting to the Point Where Nothing is Suprising

Well,I woke up pretty positive. I schedule my eatting plan
yesterday and followed it almost to the T, except, I subed
a low-carb burger for the chef salad because when I looked,
the lettuce was getting brown and soggy, yuck! So I will
again write down my eatting menu today.

I just found out that freshguy is now doing two women, a
pump,naive Caucasian girl and a hot and ready Asian woman.
Though I felt a little disappointment when I learn of this,
the great pain and rejection that I often feel when he does
shit like that, I can gratfully say wasn't there!

Eatting Menu

Meal One

One yolk, ham and cheese omlette

Meal Two

Turkey and cheese rollup

Meal Three

Chef or broccoli salad

Meal Four

Pork chop vingerette and onions
Twice baked potato


Cereal with milk

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