If Only....
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2005-03-10 14:36:49 (UTC)

Awake, but can not open my eyes...


Well, well. I wake up this morning a little sore which is
awesome because it means I actually ripped something
yesterday when working out. Also, I find a bowl(with a lid
fortunately) of leftovers and a closed sprite on our bed
this morning and Alex is lyin on the floor. I guess he
came in there in the middle of the night to try and eat
something. Poor kid- this week we are short on cash and
yea, we get paid tomorrow-but there still isn't shit to
eat. Anyways, I am about to run up to the office to see
what it is we got in the mail and more than likely it is
going to be those duckie stickers for Alex's tub...but It
would be so cool if it was my suvaril :) Then I am going
to come back home and exercise.

Last night:
Consumption of:
* about 16 mini chocolate chip cookies
* a few sips of skim milk
* a few sips of sprite

That was dinner. But we ate when we were high, just like I
said we would- and they were yummy yummy yummy.
But since I ate them late and know to not get used to
eating such sweet things in my diet; I have decided to
reward myself around every 2 weeks...and I can't eat it
right before bed because I need some time to have my
metabolism burn some of the fats in the foods I consume.

ANYWAYS, I am off to the office-expect to hear from me