These Days
2005-03-10 05:51:38 (UTC)


When i see you in class,
I can just sit and stare,
My eyes filled with tears,
And my heart in despair.
I have always known this,
right from the start.
I can lie to u,
but not to my heart.
You have someone else,
and i do too,
but there's no question about it,
I'll always love you.
There is somthing about you,
that drives me out of my mind.
For what we had,
was hard to find.
So all i have left,
are memories of the past.
Knowing for sure,
it would not have lasted.
Did you love me at all,
or was it a lie?
To make me so happy,
but then to make me cry.
So all i know now,
is that my heart is gone,
and i pray every night,
that my life will move on.