beaytiful allure
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2005-03-10 05:45:02 (UTC)

nothin special

Well,today was boring,i felt so tired all day ,i went to
treatment and seen angieand she told me shawnas locked up
(im kinda glad)she was gettin way into the meth. I feel
trapped in the dope world ,everyone i know is on it and
even people i never thougt would ever do it are talkin
about it when i run into them. It pisses me off.I ran into
josh at the wallmart and hes like lets get cracked out(not
in those words) im like...this fool... i jus got off the
phone with kyle,were sapose to go camping this kinda excited/nervouse.Itll be fun no matter
what hes moving to wichita sometime so if things work out
neither one of us will have to drive an hour...hes not my
dream boy but he is real sweet and funny,i can talk to him
like old times with my old school homegirls. i got to get
up early tommaro tho so im gnna leave it here for now

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