My Gay Misadventures
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2005-03-10 05:44:00 (UTC)

Loggy loggy Log

Well, A closeing update on my previous log (was ganna log in
it throughout the day, but forgot) I didnt really see
anyone. Roy, a guy whos practicly in love with me, took me
to the mall, and I bought a few things for myself...I
BOUGHT! I even paid for lunch. How sad. Its like no one
cared it was my special day. Assholes. anyway, I got drunk
that night just to spite myself. Nothing special....

Last night was fun though. I went to Mcdonalds around 1am...
And me and this lesbian co-worker had some weed, so we went
to the dumpters and hit it. I then just chilled at McD's
till like 5am. It was cool. Saw how they made breakfast.
Made bacon. took home a few mcgriddles. and fell asleep so i
could work 8 hours later.

Today was shit. I felt tired all day (gee, i wonder) But now
that its all over, i get to chill here at home at
contemplate a few things...Like where to go this weekend.
seeing how im off for the next 2 days. I was FREAKIN hopin
to spend time with Jojo. But he took a spur of the moment
road trip till friday. Fuck him. Just as i was starting to
really like him. This leaves a few black-bookers open for
the taking though. I will more then likely call Mat 2morrow,
and maybe visit Eric and Randy. Just a few things iv shoulda
done a long time ago but have been too tired to put effort
in. I wanna go out Friday. So bad. Might use Roy as a
driver. not sure if i should bring along Haggie or My sis.
They could be cockblockers. Grr...Too many options. Guess
i'll wing it.

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